Balance Health Concepts Specials For Liposuction and Weight Loss

At Balance Health Concepts of the Midlands, we don’t believe price should stand in the way of your perfect body. You’ve probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars at expensive weight loss programs in Columbia, SC, so we aim to make Balance Health Concepts treatment affordable and attainable. An investment in Balance Health Concepts is an investment in yourself. What could be more important?

What does Balance Health Concepts cost?

The cost of your treatment plan is totally individualized. Each client’s needs are different, from the number of treatments to the number of "frames".

At Balance Health Concepts of the Midlands we price our treatments per frame. Clients typically need about four frames per treated area, however the more frames used, the less expensive each frame becomes.

The best news? Once your fat cells are destroyed through Balance Health Concepts, they are gone forever. Making an investment in feeling better about themselves is something our clients tell us they have never, ever regretted.

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Fat Loss Specials in Columbia, SC at Balance Health Concepts of the Midlands

The "Thank You" Special!

At Balance Health Concepts of the Midlands, we honor the work of our active military/veterans, teachers, and Charleston non-profit professionals. Bring in your identifying document and receive 25% off your Balance Health Concepts treatment at any time!

(Cannot be combined with other Balance Health Concepts specials)

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